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      AZTECHS Life Support Products ships within the contiguous 48 United States for a flat–rate ($6.95 [US]). We provide free shipping for orders in excess of $100.00 (US). Unfortunately, we can not ship to destinations outside of the contiguous 48 United States at our standard flat–rate of $6.95 (US), nor can we offer free shipping to our international clients. However, in order to provide some equity to our non–domestic clients, we discount all international orders in excess of $100.00 (US) by $6.95 (US).

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It is important that you read the "Freight Terms, & Shipping Rates" section in order to understand your freight and delivery options.

  1) Compile and email us an exact list of the items you wish to         purchase including:
        • Product name('s)
        • Product size('s)
        • Desired quantity/quantities

      Include also:
        • Your postal mailing address
           » Country
           » State/Province
           » City/Town/Village
           » Postal code

If you wish to specify a preferred carrier, please let us know at this time.

  2) Email the above information to: "Send email to: support@aztechs–"
      *Please use this (copy/paste into the subject line):
         " International Freight Rate Request "

Within 48 hours, you will receive an "Order Details" email from our International Orders Team specifying the total cost of your order including the additional freight costs required to ship your order.

Also included in the "Order Details" email will be a private URL link to a customized ordering page generated specifically for your order. This page will also include detailed instructions.

Once we have received your order submission, your package will be promptly shipped.

Freight Terms & Shipping Rates

•  For international orders over $100.ºº (US) (including Alaska and Hawaii) shipping is discounted $6.95 (US) Offer applies to single destination address only (limited time offer).

•  All international orders (including Alaska and Hawaii) are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Airborne.

The USPS is the default carrier. All international orders shipped via the USPS are assessed a $6.00 (US) handling fee in addition to the actual metered shipping charges.

Packages shipped via all other carriers are assessed a $6.00 (US) handling fee in addition to actual shipping charges.

•  If speedier delivery time is not imperative, either USPS Airmail Letter Post or Global Express Mail are the best options.

•  Time–guaranteed services are available by special request.

•  There are four major options for international shipping. They are listed below from least to highest cost.


1) USPS Airmail Letter Post (0–2.5 kg)
This is the most cost effective way to ship packages overseas. This reliable service is not insurable. The risk of packages being lost or stolen from these carriers is very low (0.2%). Very often, when packages are insured, the taxes and/or duties are increased because the full insured value of the package must be stated. When products are shipped via uninsured Letter Post, there is more flexibility in the stated values and packages are more inconspicuous.

•  There is no time guarantee for Letter Post and packages are not trackable. The US Postal Service indicates that packages sent via Letter Post generally reach their destination country in 5–7 business days. This does not mean that your package will be delivered to you in 5–7 business days. When a package reaches the destination country, the destination country's customs office takes possession of the package and the amount of time the package remains in customs is dependent upon your country's customs department. Once the package clears customs, delivery times are dependent upon the destination country's mail delivery service. AZTECHS Life Support Products has no control over worldwide customs departments or postal services. 1–3 week delivery times are normal.


2) USPS Global Express Mail (EMS) (0–31 kg)
Global Express is the most cost effective way to ship overseas packages weighing over 2.25 kg. The additional benefit to this service is that packages are insurable and somewhat trackable. As with standard Airmail, the USPS does not guarantee a delivery time to the destination country for packages sent via Global Express. The USPS indicates that packages sent Global Express typically arrive in the destination country within 3–4 business days. This does not mean that your package will be delivered to you in 3–4 business days. Once the package arrives in the customs department of the destination country, the procedure is the same as for normal USPS Airmail. 1–2 week delivery times are normal.

UPS offers reasonably priced ground services to Canada. The advantage is that UPS is insurable, trackable, and is generally faster than the USPS. UPS brokers your package through Canadian customs. The disadvantage is that UPS may bill you for additional taxes that they paid to the customs department for you. Letter Post is preferable for packages under 2 kg and UPS for everything over. 7–10 day deliveries are normal.


UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Airborne all offer time–guaranteed services for a package to arrive at the customs department of a destination country. When the package arrives at the customs department of the destination country, the carrier acts as liaison to broker packages through customs. Packages sent through these services generally clear customs in 1–2 business days, however all of these carriers indicate that there may be additional customs delays and that there may be additional national or local import taxes or fees. These taxes or fees are the responsibility of the customer and are handled between the carrier and the customer. Be aware that Guaranteed Services are fast but not inexpensive.

•  If you need a package from us as quickly as possible a Guaranteed Service is the only reliable solution. For a price quote of a guaranteed service by a private carrier, please contact us at: "Send email to: support@aztechs–".


Shipping via Letter Post is preferable because it is simple, inexpensive, and reliable. Global Express is affordable and insurable.

•  Standard international Airmail Parcel Post and Global Express Mail packages delivered in as little as 1 week and as long as 10 weeks.

•  Postal systems worldwide seem to be quite reliable and delays are typically due to customs departments. A normal overseas delivery takes between 7–21 days although delivery time can vary widely depending upon the actual destination.


•  Your international order is important to us. Some countries have less strict rules regarding imports than others. The customer is responsible for knowing their national and local laws regarding import. Please note that, while AZTECHS Life Support Products guarantees shipment, we can not guarantee delivery. It is very rare that a customs department refuses to deliver a package.


•  Upon receipt of returned products, AZTECHS Life Support Products will promptly refund the customer in full for all returned products but the customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges in return or non–delivery cases. If a package is refused by a customs department, both the customer and AZTECHS Life Support Products should receive a refusal notice from the destination country's customs department and the product is shipped back to the distributor.


•  There may be additional national or local import taxes or fees assessed by the customs department of the destination country. These fees are the responsibility of the customer and are handled between the carrier and the customer.


•  Please direct any questions to: "Send email to: support@aztechs–"


Thank You for Your Inquiry! We Appreciate Your Business!

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